South Africa reeling as lights go out in ongoing loadshedding blackout saga

Ongoing electricity crisis takes new turn with an assassination plot, seized sports cars and failed extraditions. By James Christie in Cape Town.

Doubts raised over Zimbabwe's presidential election in August

Millions of Zimbabweans have registered to vote in preparation for August polls to elect the next president and members of parliament.   According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commiss...

America's toxic abortion debate proves the West is over

Africa needs to stop deferring to Europe and America on moral and scientific matters and chart a new course free from Western interference, says Pedrito Cambrão.   Throughout the cent...

No room under the rainbow: South Africa's xenophobic murders

As South Africa sees a resurgence of xenophobic attacks against migrants from the rest of Africa, we investigate what is behind the explosion in vigilante violence, and why the ANC government is ...

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Seychelles: What is causing the post-vax rise in cases?

| NewsAfrica
It may be one of the most-vaccinated countries on earth, but the Seychelles has seen an explosion in cases – and the imposition of crippling new lockdown restrictions – since rolling out the Covid-19 jab. As the rest of the continent races to follow its lead, with Burundi and Tanzania receiving t...

African migrants struggle over cultural heritage

| NewsAfrica
African migrants are keen to retain their cultural values abroad but their children struggle over identity. Sharon Birch-Jeffrey reports from New York To experience a taste of African culture deep inside the Big Apple, visitors turn to Little Senegal, a West African neighbourhood in Harlem, New ...

Evangelist on a mission

| NewsAfrica
T B Joshua, a multi millionaire African evangelist is engaing in extensive humanitarian work

Born to serve

| NewsAfrica
Martha Emmanuel, wife of the governor and a church deaconess, has taken on the task of safeguarding girls and women. By Idongesit Ashameri IN AKWA IBOM State, the adolescent preg­nancy rate is estimated at 17 per cent, which means that nearly one in every five girls aged 15-19 is either...

Creating a comprehensive transport network

| NewsAfrica
Ephraim Inyang, Commissioner for Works, says the administra­tion is focusing on roads with economic value NewsAfrica: This present administration is focusing on industrialisation, infra­structure and new development. What is the thrust of your ministry in that direc­tion? Inyang: To have indust...

We are developing alternative revenue

| NewsAfrica
Akan Okon, Commissioner for Finance, speaks on the chal­lenge of generating the revenue needed, to fund the state’s devel­opment drive With dwindling oil revenue, the resources available to the state has reduced. How bad is the situation? The simple answer is that what you just asked is not pec...

Leveraging our advantages

| NewsAfrica
The drive to industrialise the state is explained by Emmanuel Enoidem, Commissioner for Investment, Commerce and Industries NewsAfrica: This government has set a target of industrialising the state by changing its economic landscape. What do you want to achieve through this? Enoiden: When we ta...

Going for quality

| NewsAfrica
Aniekan Akpan, Commissioner for Education, speaks on plans to develop the state’s human resource base NewsAfrica-. Please tell us about the giant strides in education so far? Akpan: Governor Udom Emmanuel, without mincing words, is passionate about education and he is committed to the free and ...

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