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Is it time for Africa to ditch the US dollar in trade deals?

As everyone from Brazil and Argentina to Algeria and Sudan ditch the US dollar in international trade deals, Jasmine Birtles asks what the future holds for Africa as the American empire loses its grip on the world’s purse strings.

DRC at risk of breaking apart

Community tensions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) suffered a blow in March, with the return of a controversial bill that would see the country’s frontrunner in the presidential elect...

African cooking gets the Michelin treatment

African cuisine has always been an important part of 30-year-old Dieuveil Malonga’s identity. As a young boy, his grandmother owned a popular street food restaurant just outside of Brazzaville, th...

No room under the rainbow: South Africa's xenophobic murders

As South Africa sees a resurgence of xenophobic attacks against migrants from the rest of Africa, we investigate what is behind the explosion in vigilante violence, and why the ANC government is ...

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Can Nelson Chamisa win in Zimbabwe in 2023?

| NewsAfrica
Zimbabwe's recent by-election results show next next year's crucial presidential poll could go either way. By Christopher Clark in Cape Town.

Seychelles: What is causing the post-vax rise in cases?

| NewsAfrica
It may be one of the most-vaccinated countries on earth, but the Seychelles has seen an explosion in cases – and the imposition of crippling new lockdown restrictions – since rolling out the Covid-19 jab. As the rest of the continent races to follow its lead, with Burundi and Tanzania receiving t...

Ethiopian denim queen glams up Dubai

| NewsAfrica
Ethiopian designer Feiruza Mudessir talks to Judy Cogan about her streetwear stylings, and how she’s creating an Ethiopian-inspired oasis amid the bling and skyscrapers of the UAE. Feiruza Mudessir opened her first stand-alone store at The Westin Mina Seyahi hotel in Dubai last October. It ...

Indorama: a privatisation success story

| NewsAfrica
Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals plant in Port Harcourt is a privatisation success story and boon to the economy  

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