Is it time for Africa to ditch the US dollar in trade deals?

As everyone from Brazil and Argentina to Algeria and Sudan ditch the US dollar in international trade deals, Jasmine Birtles asks what the future holds for Africa as the American empire loses its grip on the world’s purse strings.

US vice president lectures Africa on ‘climate change’

White knights do not have to travel everywhere by horse anymore. They don't even have to be white.   US Vice President Kamala Harris proved this recently, when she boarded her private...

America's toxic abortion debate proves the West is over

Africa needs to stop deferring to Europe and America on moral and scientific matters and chart a new course free from Western interference, says Pedrito Cambrão.   Throughout the cent...

The end of the petrodollar could be good for Africa

As Russia demands Europe pay for gas in roubles, Sizwe Lo looks at the US dollar’s prominence in global trade – and the impact of its demise for Africa.   In July 1944, delegates from 44 US-all...

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The (bad) American dream

| Funkekeme Solomon
Funkekeme Solomon worries about the direction of the world under the US presidency of Donald Trump

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