What does the Coronation of the King of Charles III mean for Africa and the Commonwealth?

Navigating a new era: African Commonwealth nations grapple with change and opportunity under King Charles III.

Opinion - Biden's Russia sanctions have backfired spectacularly on the US. And Africa could reap the benefits

American officials must be familiar with the law of unintended consequences – the phenomenon where actions or decisions produce outcomes that were neither intended nor foreseen. After all, th...

Is it time for Africa to ditch the US dollar in trade deals?

When American senator Marco Rubio spoke on Fox News in early April about the invisible ‘conflict’ between China and the West, he accidentally gave a very good reason why countri...

Airline spreads unfounded Marburg hysteria

Since the airline Emirates posted a Marburg warning to customers flying from Oman to Tanzania, there have been unfounded fears a deadly pandemic will follow. So far, 15 cases of the Ebola-rela...

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US vice president lectures Africa on ‘climate change’

| Jusper Machogu
White knights do not have to travel everywhere by horse anymore. They don't even have to be white.   US Vice President Kamala Harris proved this recently, when she boarded her private jet, flew over to Africa, and proceeded to help save us from ourselves.  

Ukraine highlights the need for global refugee plan

| NewsAfrica
Why more needs to be done to help refugees across the world. By Valery Mbaoh and the Africa Refugee-Led Network.

The end of the petrodollar could be good for Africa

| NewsAfrica
As Russia demands Europe pay for gas in roubles, Sizwe Lo looks at the US dollar’s prominence in global trade – and the impact of its demise for Africa.

Lockdowns lead to rise in albinism attacks

| NewsAfrica
Charities are warning of an increase in incidences, as people impoverished by lockdowns turn to witch doctors for help. By Miriam Mannak.

The modern matchmaker

| NewsAfrica
With one in five relationships now beginning online, Mary Fashoyin speaks to a London entrepreneur who’s given internet dating an old-fashioned twist.

Africa's Covid entry rules putting off visitors

| NewsAfrica
As the rest of the world ditches tests and unscientific restrictions on the ‘unvaxxed’, travel writer Guy de la Bédoyère says Africa’s tourist industry will struggle to recover until it follows suit.

The rise of Africa’s political dynasties

| NewsAfrica
As the Ugandan president’s son flexes his diplomatic muscles in Rwanda, could a wave of father-son handovers be on the cards in Africa? By Issa Sikiti da Silva in Kampala.

Superwomen: Cape Town's all-female fire brigade

| NewsAfrica
We speak to the all-female fire crew tackling more than just wildfires in South Africa.

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