Latest news round-up: April 2023

Africa's news in brief - The latest updates from Malawi, Chad, the DRC, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Sudan

Africa showcases energy initiatives at NAFNIS

African countries have come together to chart a course for the continent's energy sector at  the first Nigeria Africa Natural Resource and Energy Investment Summit in Abuja. Martin Azuwike rep...

African business news: March 2022

The latest business news from across Africa, including Kenya's push for low-emissions public transport and Amazon's HQ woes in Cape Town. NAIROBI Kenya Power has commenced talks with five ele...

BLM is right on vax-pass racism

As more and more countries roll out vaccine passports, African history professor Toby Green believes the world needs to act now before global apartheid takes root.   Liberals were emb...

Latest Business

Telecom fraud is robbing taxpayers

| NewsAfrica
As 4G rollout ramps up, authorities across Africa are working together to tackle cybercrime. By Zachary Ochieng.

Africa's flying chemists

| NewsAfrica
It’s the airborne delivery service that’s transformed healthcare provision in Ghana and Rwanda. While many people might think companies like Amazon will be the first to start with drone delivery services, few realize the technology has already been in use in Africa for several years - and f...

Women crack the code

| NewsAfrica
More and more African women are breaking into the male-dominated world of computer coding.

Kenya TV stations shut down in digital migration dispute

| NewsAfrica
Digital breakdown – Millions are at stake in TV digital migration wars as the regulator sticks to its guns. By Zachary Ochieng, Nairobi IN A SITUATION reminiscent of the 1980s when the Voice of Kenya (VOK) was the only television channel in the country, these days people are havi...

Cape Town – tales of the unexpected

| NewsAfrica
Tales of the unexpected – Timi-Nipre sampled the thrills of Cape Town and can’t wait to get back there for more I VISITED South Africa for the first time recently and was blown away by it. I spent most of my time in Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa, a city...

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